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Guide to Software Curation in the EBRAINS Knowledge Graph

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This guide provides a starting point and reference for the process of entering information about your software
into the EBRAINS Knowledge Graph (KG).

For an overview of the software curation process, please refer to our info graphic.

For any questions or support directly reach out to Jan Gründling.

How to enter software metadata manually

If your software has not been curated before, please fill in the request form here before continuing with the following instructions. If your Software has been curated already and you want do add a new version, refer to the section How to Update.

You will receive an email after the curator has created a space for you in the Knowledge Graph. This email contains a link to a software instance and a software version instance in your Space. These are already linked to each other (by the attribute "Has Version" of the software instance).

Before explaining the editing process, here are some helpful links:

Editing the software and software version instances:

To register your software, you will need to input information for the instance "Software" and for  "Software version". After clicking the links in your email, you will see an instance editor view like below:


As you can see in the screenshot above, some fields are marked with an asterisk (*). These are required. Keep in mind that this is how you present your software publicly to potential end-users or other researchers. Therefore it would be nice if as many fields as possible are filled in.

Some fields can be of different types, such as the field "Developer" and "Full documentation". In the case of developer it is possible to enter a person or an organisation. The possible types are selectable on the right above the respective field, as shown in the following screenshots:



For example, if you want to create a new person, an editing field opens in the right column of the instance editor view as shown in the following screenshot.


If you are not sure which type to use, please refer to the descriptions linked above or contact the curator.

After you have entered your information on the software, do not forget to save your changes (see screenshot below) and contact the curator.


The curators will check the new software instances and move them to the correct space.

lamp-gcbdd1eea5_640-2.pngThe term "instance" in context of the Knowledge Graph Editor refers to the one specific software or software version respectively.

How to update existing Software instances

If you have registered a software previously, updating means adding a new instance of type "Software version". Curators will later link it to the existing instance of type "Software".

If you want to add a new version to an already curated software, please write to curation-support@humanbrainproject.eu or open a ticket here

To make updating easier, we place a copy of your last software version instance in the KG space that was created for you. You can use that copy and just change the fields that require changes. As you are editing copies of published information, you will not change the already curated information, but rather use it as a starting point for the data that you add. Again - if you made all changes that you consider necessary, let the curator know via email or the ticket assigned with this case.

If you want to add more versions, you can always use the "Duplicate this instance" button found in the management tab by clicking the cogwheel on the left side:


How to upload software metadata programmatically

To create a valid jsonld file, please use the API.

Authorizing for API usage.

Before using it, you need to authorize, using the "Authorize" button found in the top right corner of the API documentation (see below) or by using a service account.