Warning: The Collaboratory Drive will be down Friday 14th June , from 18:00 CET (my timezone) until Monday evening for a migration effort.

The Collaboratory offers researchers and developers an environment to work in teams and share their work with users, teams or all of the Internet. Workspaces in the Collaboratory are known as collabs.



The IAM service of the Collaboratory manages user identification and team management for EBRAINS services. Users can be grouped into units, groups and collab teams for simpler management.




The wiki service of the Collaboratory hosts the main interface to access all other Collaboratory services. It also offers a handy way of documenting your work with a simple wiki user interface.


The drive service offers each collab its own storage space for files. The drive provides easy access to files from Jupyter Notebooks. All files are under version control. The Drive is intended for smaller files that change more often.





The lab service provides a JupyterLab environment for your notebooks with official releases of EBRAINS tools pre-installed. It’s a great way of programming interactively and of sharing your notebooks with other users.


Office documents (Word, PowerPoint or Excel) can be edited collaboratively online. Whether it is for taking live minutes in a meeting or to finalize/review a report, the collaborative mode is very handy.




The bucket service offers each collab its own storage space for large files. The bucket provides programmatic access to files from Jupyter Notebooks via the bucket API. Datasets, videos and other files too large for the Drive should be stored here.


The Chat service offers instant messaging with all users that have an EBRAINS account and that have entered the chat at least once. The chat offers channels, discussions and direct messaging. Client apps are available for desktop and mobile devices. Users that are not active in the Chat also receive notifications by email.

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