EBRAINS Model Catalog App

The EBRAINS Model Catalog contains information about models developed and/or used within the EBRAINS research infrastructure.

It allows you to find information about neuroscience models and about results obtained using those models, in particular about how those models have been validated against experimental findings.

The Model Catalog app can be integrated into a Collab, such as the example in this Collab, or viewed as a standalone app. The former approach allows users to save the filter configurations on a per Collab basis, to showcase only a specific subset of the models and tests.

Model Catalog App (standalone)https://model-catalog.brainsimulation.eu/
GitHub Repositoryhttps://github.com/HumanBrainProject/model-catalog
Preprint Articlehttps://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-03586825v1


Model Entryhttps://model-catalog.brainsimulation.eu/#model_alias.bianchi_2012
Test Entryhttps://model-catalog.brainsimulation.eu/#test_alias.hippo_ca1_psp_attenuation
Result Entryhttps://model-catalog.brainsimulation.eu/#result_id.28a75afe-d957-46c8-88b5-e535fcd34a73