To get e.g. the newest BrainScaleS-2 interactive tutorial examples from this github repository:

  • Open your "Lab" (left hand menu, choose CSCS as execution site for the Jupyter notebooks)
  • create a folder, to which the examples should be cloned in the file browser (here e.g. "test")
  • Open a "terminal" from the Launcher
  • In the appearing window change into the directory, to where you would like to clone the examples files:

    cd /opt/app-root/src/shared/NMC\ test\ collab\ for\ user\ YOUR_USERNAME

  • then type in the clone command:
git clone --branch jupyter-notebooks

or, to get the latest experimental version:

git clone --branch jupyter-notebooks-experimental
  • the cloned files are in the new directory brainscales2-demo
  • Note: to run the examples, please use "EBRAINS_release..." kernel (see the troubleshooting page for how to change the kernel)