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BrainScaleS in EBRAINS

How to access / use the NMC systems?


For some first impressions and tutorial recordings, please see the videos list.


System types

For BrainScaleS three different system types are currently available via the EBRAINS Collaboratory ("Collab"):

  • BrainScaleS-2: the 2nd generation system. Currently available are single chip systems, accessible via Collab since June 2020 for low-level access and since March 2021 also for access using PyNN.
    For a system introduction / overview and some experiment examples see e.g. "The BrainScaleS-2 accelerated neuromorphic system with hybrid plasticity." (arXiv, published 26 January 2022)
  • The first generation wafer-scale system, accessible via Collab since the HBP platform release on 30 March 2016
  • Legacy: The standalone single chip system Spikey, the predecessor of the BrainScaleS systems7D_0160762_c_USBSpikeyAndLaptop.JPG